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How In a Down Economy Hot Dish Advertising is Driving Continued Franchise Brand Success

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Everyone is feeling the pressure from today’s economic climate. Franchise brands are getting creative and pulling out all the stops to keep their locations open, and the cost of franchise development recruitment is steadily increasing. According to the Annual Franchise Development Survey that was shared at the 2020 Franchise Leadership & Development Conference, average costs to scale and grow a franchise have reached an all-time high, with the average cost per lead at $312 and the average cost per sale at $12,138—both metrics up double digits over last year.

While costs are rising, budgets are shrinking, and yet for many brands, growth goals remain intact. This has put franchise professionals into quite the conundrum. Some may say brands need to work harder to drive success. To that we say, why work harder when you can work smarter?

Start Smart. Deliver Results.

We were one of the first to offer marketing strategy for franchise development growth. While our work in helping nearly 500+ franchise brands may speak for itself, our process, and the expertise behind it, is what makes what we do unlike what others do. Each step is essential in creating smart and engaging solutions—customized to meet our client partners’ needs.

We deploy design thinking, uncovering the root of the problem to play-to-win. Our curiosity and passion guide our every decision from developing a smart franchise marketing plan to making the creative work and achieve your growth goals—not just look really cool. The end-result is known as The Hot Dish Effect™.

The Hot Dish Effect™

Our 360º approach starts by solving the right problem to deliver successful brand strategy, advertising campaigns and media placement.

Hot Dish Effect. Understand, Design, Activate, Optimize

Understanding the Gaps: We build a strategic franchise marketing toolbox, so your brand stands out.

  • Competitive Analysis – Ever wish you could know how you stack up against the competition? We’ve got you covered.
  • Brand Audit – Review current direction or establish a new one.
  • Uniquely position your brand in the marketplace.
  • Clearly communicate brand voice and key selling points.
  • Audience Buying Habits – What does your audience really want? We’ve got insights into what makes each of your segments tick.
  • Fill Gaps with New Research – Based on need, we will recommend competitive research, focus groups, interviews or surveys to tell the whole story.

Design with the end in mind: Sleeves rolled up and armed with insights. We go to work.

  • Craft concepts that create a distinct look, story and copy tone, with creative that is smart and stands out.
  • Devise custom marketing and media plans, reviewing:
    • Historical efforts and results
    • Target audience research and media habits
    • Tactics we know reach our target audience
    • Opportunities to test new paid media platforms
    • Targeted geography

Ready with a smart plan, we now have tactics to drive our three key moments of truth: brand tools to pull away from the competition and the sales tools needed for your brand to scale and grow.

Optimize with Room to Grow

We like to say progress not perfection. Today, we must be more agile to learn, share and update on a continuous loop. And we have the expertise and tools to play. This is how you win.   

Pop quiz! No really—it’s a test. We conduct A/B testing and campaign optimizations to maximize performance throughout the life of the campaign.

Our passion in monitoring results, obsessing over the data and creating performance summaries isn’t what our client partners love the most; it’s how we proactively bring ideas to improve franchise growth.

Turn to the experts at Hot Dish Advertising to help you navigate today’s new environment. We will bring our proven 360º approach to the table and partner with you in conquering any challenge along the way. Are you ready to experience The Hot Dish Effect™? Let’s talk.

Written by: Michelle Rollins, Hot Dish Advertising Creative Director