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Franchise marketing insights from the 2024 IFA Annual Convention

Every year we look forward to this one major event, the IFA Annual Convention, if you’ve never attended, we highly recommend that you join us for the next one. This year’s “Franchise Smarter” convention resonated throughout the event, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and optimization in franchise operations, drawing over 4,000 attendees. This year we both learned and shared our experiences to expand our network of franchising professionals.

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Hot Dish Advertising wasn’t just an attendee but an active participant and exhibitor, engaging in discussions and showcasing our expertise in franchise marketing and branding. Here’s our recap of the event and some key takeaways that can help your brand franchise smarter.

The Impact of Franchising on the Economy

Franchising isn’t just a business model; it’s a cornerstone of the economy, serving as a vital engine for job creation and economic growth. In the United States alone, franchising accounts for an impressive 800,000 businesses and employs 8.9 million individuals. Matthew Haller, President & CEO of the International Franchise Association, emphasized the power of responsible franchising, highlighting its capacity to positively impact lives, increase customer experience and bring vibrant communities to life. “I am more assured each year that the franchise business model has the power to change lives,” said Haller. “And yet, it has never been more important to engage in Responsible Franchising to make this happen.”

2024 Forecast for Franchising's Impact on Economy

Keynote address by Coach Prime

Deion Sanders, widely known as Coach Prime, captivated us and the rest of the audience with a powerful keynote address that shined light upon his career as a pro football Hall of Famer and his current role as head football coach at the University of Colorado. Sanders, a two-time Super Bowl Champion and eight-time Pro Bowler shared a few invaluable lessons on leadership that resonated deeply with us.

Keynote Speaker, Deion Sanders Keynote Speaker, Deion Sanders

His message on leadership was crystal clear: strive to bring your best self to every aspect of life, whether it be in your work, relationships, family, or community. Sanders emphasized the importance of maintaining mental presence in the moment, urging us to “be where your feet are.” This mantra serves as a reminder that physical presence alone is not enough; you also have to stay mentally present and focused to truly maximize opportunities and dominate in any endeavor.

How Hot Dish can Help

If you’re ready to franchise smarter and support your franchisees for both top and bottom-line growth, Hot Dish delivers FranFocused™ solutions that leading brands have leveraged to achieve success. Here’s a few of the marketing technology and services we provide, tailored to help address the gaps in franchise marketing as identified from our peers at IFA:

  1. Local Marketing Solutions: We offer custom solutions to overcome execution challenges, ensuring effective implementation of hyperlocal strategies. By equipping franchisees with the necessary knowledge and support for navigating local markets, we empower them to thrive and drive success on a community level.
  2. Comprehensive Brand Visibility: We specialize in enhancing brand visibility through a range of services, from optimizing websites to managing social media presence. Our approach ensures a consistent branding presence across all local communities, effectively amplifying brand recognition and engagement. By leveraging these strategies, we facilitate increased visibility, reach, and resonance for our clients in their target markets.
  3. Franchisee Targeting Strategies: Finding the right franchisee is needed for sustained growth, as they serve as the face and backbone of the brand. By implementing custom targeting strategies, we ensure alignment with the right people who not only meet financial qualifications but also resonate with your brand values. This careful selection process not only helps create successful partnerships but also lays the foundation for long-term success and expansion.
  4. Matchback Digital Strategy: Our matchback digital strategy and marketing technology stood out for its ability to generate qualified leads and foster meaningful engagements. Recognized this year’s in panel discussion, it plays a crucial role in connecting brands with their ideal audience and driving sustainable growth for our clients.

As we reflect on the insights gained from the IFA Annual Convention, we invite you to explore how Hot Dish can help your brand franchise smarter. Whether you’re seeking local marketing solutions or overall brand visibility, let’s collaborate to achieve major franchise goals together.

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