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Hot Dish Local Marketing

Your one-stop local marketing platform to:

Group 10

Empower franchisees

A self-service model allows franchisees to own local marketing.

Group 11

Maintain brand standards

Franchisees choose from approved creative, increasing campaign adoption.

Group 14

Target custom,
local audiences

Connect with the right people in the right places using the best data in the industry.

Group 7

Maximize media budgets

We identify the most efficient media campaigns that drive maximum awareness and conversion.

Group 9

Access detailed reporting

See how each campaign is performing by location, franchisee or system wide.


Our team will show franchisees how to use the platform. We’ll walk through campaigns, media placement and reporting to ensure they see maximum value for their investment. Franchisees can reach out anytime during office hours for support.

How It Works

  1. Set up a demo with our team. We’ll show you the platform in action.
  2. Together, we’ll outline a media plan and then customize the platform for your brand.
  3. Our team shows franchisees how to use the platform and place pre-approved campaigns.
  4. Franchisees choose what media to run based on their budgets, trade areas and target audiences.
  5. Watch the Hot Dish Effect™ happen. Our customer service team remains on standby to offer support.

Set Up a Demo

Hot Dish Local Marketing offers the best of flexibility and consistency — all backed by an agency with decades of industry experience. Find out how our team and tech can transform your local marketing strategy.

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