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Original content rules, demands latest Google search update

As the digital world keeps evolving, one thing is always for certain  — so will Google’s algorithm.   

In their latest March 2024 Google search update, also known as the Helpful Content Update, Google announced changes to elevate search results and provide users with the most relevant information by sidelining low-quality and spammy content. This aims to cut down on search engine clutter from unoriginal, repetitive and low-quality AI-generated content, enforcing stricter spam policies and quicker penalties for violations.   

This update emphasizes the importance of creating content that is informative, original and beneficial to users, rather than focusing solely on search engine optimization (SEO). 

Read on to discover how this update might affect your business’ content strategy 

Google Search Update

Step to the side, spammy AI generated content 

As part of Google’s commitment to delivering better search results to its users, Google’s search update includes:  

  • Deindexing low-quality content. Google is not just going after AI generated content, although that is a big part of their efforts. Instead, they’re trying to remove unoriginal, repetitive and low-quality content from their search results, regardless of whether it was created by humans, AI or a combination of both.  
  • 40% reduction in search clutter. This update promises to remove up to 40% of low-quality websites that don’t provide a good user experience, specifically pages created just to match specific search queries, in order to bring good websites with valuable content to the top.   
  • Enhanced quality ranking. Google introduced new metrics to rank content quality more effectively, ensuring that well-written and informative content is ranked higher in users’ search results.  
  • Stricter spam policies. This Google search update includes implementation of new policies to combat spam content, with quicker penalty enforcement for non compliance and questionable SEO tactics. Websites found violating these policies will not just be penalized in search rankings, but instead will be completely removed from both the search results and the index. 

Why Google is shaking search up, again  

In short, Google is making these changes for one reason: to continue to be the go-to search engine that delivers the best answers to any and all of your queries. Otherwise, they face the possibility of other competitors  — such as Bing or TikTok — taking away their users. Also, any disruption in organic search will drum up new business where Google really makes its money: paid search.  

Regardless, it’s still vital that your content plan focuses on creating high-quality, original content that helps you stand in your area of expertise. In short, the best content = the best search engine visibility. 

What does this mean for your content strategy?  

Incorporating AI-generated content into your content strategy can be the right move. High-quality AI tools are designed to streamline routine content production, enrich data analysis for more tailored content and boost creative expression. It’s achieved by providing valuable, fast insights and creating initial drafts that your team can further develop. 

To leverage AI effectively, consider it a supportive tool rather than a complete solution. Integrate unique, creative elements into the AI-generated base to help your content stand out. This not only helps maintain high search rankings but also delivers content that resonates more deeply with your audience. 

As your trusted partner, we’re committed to helping you through this change and creating a high-quality, informative content plan that not only provides value, but also delivers a best-in-class user experience. Our current website management offering does just that, so you can be assured best practices are in place.  

If you have questions about your website’s ranking or performance, or how to effectively integrate AI into your content strategy, we’d love to help! Contact us today to chat more about how we can help you stay at the top of Google’s search results.  

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