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Key takeaways from the Franchise Customer Experience Conference: Insights from Hot Dish Advertising

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, delivering an exceptional customer experience has become crucial for businesses across industries. This notion holds especially true in the realm of franchise marketing, where maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction plays a pivotal role in overall success. Hot Dish’s very own CEO, Dawn Kane, and Associate Director of Media, Rebecca Wright, attended the recent Franchise Customer Experience Conference held in Atlanta, GA. Below are a few of the key takeaways from our time at the conference, focusing on the valuable insights gained and the noteworthy contributions we made during the panel discussion. 

Insights from the Franchise Customer Experience Conference

The Importance of Solid Vision, Mission, and Brand Values

It’s paramount for brands to establish and align on a solid vision, mission and brand values. Hot Dish Advertising believes strongly that these statements should serve as building blocks for your brand and take priority in development. They should guide decision-making processes and be consistently referred to across all internal teams, franchisees, and their employees. Your brand’s core values, culture, and operations should all be rooted in these statements. While strategy and vision may evolve over time, your mission statement should remain constant as a guiding force for your brand. 

 The Future of AI in Marketing

From marketing planning and strategy to copywriting and proofing, marketers are exploring ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their marketing operations. We can’t stress enough the importance of understanding AI to make informed decisions about its integration into your marketing efforts. Identifying areas where AI can fill gaps and automate processes can greatly benefit your brand and internal marketing team. It is essential to start small, fact check, and leave room for beta testing when implementing AI solutions. AI should be viewed as a tool for streamlining processes, not as a replacement for human interaction.  

 Leveraging Data and Technology for Personalization

 The role of data and technology is increasingly becoming critical in enhancing the customer experience and the power of leveraging data to create personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with customers on an individual level. By utilizing customer insights, preferences, and behavior patterns, franchises can deliver tailored experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

FCXC 2023
Associate Director of Media, Rebecca Wright participates in a FCXC panel, speaking to our expertise in leveraging technology to drive personalized marketing campaigns nationally and locally.

The Rise of Omni-Channel Marketing 

Omni-channel marketing is on the rise as recent data cited at the conference shows the consumer uses up to six touchpoints per purchase. Customers expect a seamless experience across these various touchpoints, including physical stores, websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps. Now more than ever, franchise brands need to create consistent branding and messaging across all channels to provide a cohesive and immersive customer journey. 

An Introduction to Hot Dish Local Marketing  

During the conference, Rebecca Wright, Associate Director of Media at Hot Dish Advertising, spoke on the “New Ideas for an Elevated Technology Program” panel. This session explored the latest technology advancements and their application to improve business operations, employee support, and franchisee engagement. Our expertise in supporting brands through local marketing initiatives through our innovative platform, Hot Dish Local Marketing, uses technology for franchise brands to efficiently harnesses customer data derived from local marketing campaigns to inform and innovate brand marketing. Our Hot Dish Local Marketing technology empowers franchises to optimize their local marketing efforts and enhance customer experiences. 

Armed with Knowledge for the Future 

As we return from the conference, armed with valuable takeaways and industry connections, Hot Dish Advertising is even more prepared to assist our clients in creating meaningful, personalized, and cohesive customer experiences that drive franchise growth and success. 

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