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Hot Dish Advertising Shares Marketing Best Practices at Springboard

It was an action-packed few days for Hot Dish’s President, Jen Campbell, and Account Supervisor, Emilee Sirek, at the Springboard Conference in Philadelphia. Springboard is a conference designed for emerging franchisors—and companies just starting to explore the possibility of a franchise model—to learn industry best practices from established franchisors and industry experts.

Being the leading full-service advertising agency for franchises, we love attending Springboard, as it’s the perfect opportunity for us to give back to the community that supports us. Plus, it’s a great chance to connect with emerging franchisors and well-established franchise icons. Speaking of icons, this year’s keynote address was delivered by Sid Feltenstein, who has built a remarkable, wide-ranging career growing a huge variety of brands. Mr. Feltenstein addressed the group with a fun, interactive Q&A where emerging franchisors and franchise suppliers had the opportunity to get insights from a true franchise legend.

Aside from excellent mixers and stellar speakers, the conference also offers panels featuring experts in many different areas of franchising. Jen Campbell led a panel on effective marketing tools and resources on a budget while Emilee Sirek lead a panel focused on the power of grassroots marketing. The panels are a great way to get emerging franchisors familiar with best practices by hearing from franchisors who were once in their shoes.

There was a lot of information and advice shared across the board on many aspects of franchising. But, if we had to break down the top three points to serve as takeaways for emerging franchisors, it would be the following:

  • You need to be in the business of helping your franchisees be successful. That is the only way you will be successful. There is no other way to win in franchising.
  • Grow smart. Stay up to date on best practices in every aspect from operations to websites to advertising.
  • Know your audience. Keep it simple. Stick to what you’re good at. Know who you are and who wants your product.

Questions about best practices for marketing? We’d love to chat. Reach out to Hot Dish Advertising today and let’s get started.

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