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How to leverage the power of a franchise development email drip campaign.

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In these uncertain times, efficiency and effectiveness in franchise development marketing is even more essential as potential investors scrutinize the best franchise options for them. And when leads come in, the pressure’s on.

According to the 2020 FranConnect Franchise Sales Index, 85% of the leads that resulted in deals were those that were contacted within the first four hours of their inquiry.1 Follow-up and follow-through by your sales team is critical to keep those leads engaged and wanting to invest in your franchise.

So, how do you drive franchise prospect engagement without extra time and legwork? Drum roll, please. A franchise development email drip campaign that’s smart, content relevant and timed just right.

First off, what’s an email drip campaign?

It’s a communication strategy that automatically sends or “drips” pre-written emails to prospects at pre-determined times. Each email delivers the right information at the right time to lead prospects further down the sales funnel.  

According to, part of the reason a drip campaign generates more revenue than other email campaigns is that it helps boost engagement. Drip emails offer a 119% increase in click rate2, which is huge considering drip campaigns require less effort than many others.

Second, how is it beneficial to your franchise sales?

• Saves sales team legwork and time as emails are fully automated

• Shortens the sales cycle by moving leads more quickly through the funnel

• Weeds out unresponsive candidates, streamlining your sales teams’ efforts

• Allows you to gauge response as they deploy and make adjustments

• Creates a 1:1 communication touchpoint for a feeling of exclusivity with your prospects

Third, what are the best practices of a powerful email drip campaign?

Use compelling subject lines to drive open rates — 41 characters is optimal length. Longer subject lines get cut off in mobile viewing. Avoid using ALL CAPS, spam trigger words like guarantee, risk-free, deal and make money — and too much punctuation!!!!!!

HOT DISH TIP: Questions, statistics, exclusivity and first names in subject lines
historically drive open rates.

Add preview/preheader text that follows the subject line. It’s the second piece of important real estate that drives open rates. Just hit on key points of the email and add a Call to Action (CTA) to incent a click-thru at first glance. This is especially effective in mobile viewing.

Keep content short, especially at first while you build their trust. Break up content with subheads, quotes and images. Big blocks of copy are intimidating, especially on mobile devices.

Make it worth the read by providing content that is beneficial to the prospect at each specific point in the sales cycle. Don’t drop a waterfall of sales information on your leads—be relevant.

HOT DISH TIP: Use a variety of authors to keep content fresh and interesting
— from Franchise Owners to the key executives.

Personalize your emails by using the prospect’s first name in the subject line and salutation and by sharing a personal story in a conversational tone. Also, provide sales contact information after a complimentary closing.  

Have a clear purpose. Keep the subject matter focused on breaking down potential objections to investing. Include one CTA that incents engagement, e.g., download sales brochure, visit our website, contact franchise sales rep to schedule a call.

HOT DISH TIP: A CTA button vs. a simple text link stands out and drives click-thrus.

Add a P.S. Tease the next email they’ll receive so they can watch for it in their inbox.

Deploy enough to matter. Plan for between 5-7 emails that are set up to deploy every 2 days. Adjust accordingly to fit your sales cycle.

Ready to use the power of a smart franchise drip email campaign?

Well, we just so happen to know a fantastic FranFocused™ advertising and marketing agency that’s created successful campaigns for franchises of all sizes and industries. Let’s get started. Contact us.

1 2020 FranConnect Franchise Sales Index Report

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